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An interactive novel about one day of the tough life of an alien-migrant Borgl during quarantine on Earth.

Together with the main character, the player will have to establish contact with an aged local, change the light bulb without removing the mask and not give himself away!

The novel is based on real stories of the authors' interaction with their 92-year-old neighbor.


The prototype was created in two days within the framework of G4C + GGJ Serious Game Jam (theme "Connection") by nada.games team:

Serhii Voinalovich — story, translation, photo


Dima Kazakov  — story, narrative design

 An interactive novel is available in Russian and in English

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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsAliens, Boring, covid, Lo-fi, Narrative, Sci-fi, Twine, weird


Borgl.Bulb.1.0.2.ru-eng.beta.html 369 kB

Install instructions

Just open the .html file with your browser.

You need the Internet is connected for pictures to be loaded.


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Loved it :D


Thank you so much!)